People in business take notes....we make their notes smart. As notes are taken, Dooly Noted auto-tags them to make a few key things happen in real-time: 1) auto-updates the right fields within your corporate systems (e.g. the CRM), 2) tags connect the user to knowledge, 3) creates a notes summary/feed that anyone can easily understand, and 4) notifies key stakeholders when important items get tagged. Eg: Sales person taking notes in meeting ID's a competitor. CRM competitor field updates, case study is pushed to sales person as are last 3 wins against that competitor, product management is notified and the opportunity summary displays the competitor so nobody has to scour the note. Sales people are notoriously bad at communicating back to the business, especially through the CRM - we remove the friction of updating the CRM by automating it, which frees the sales person to sell more, and enables the organizations they work for to better enable them in their sales cycles


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