GTX Corp (GTXO) is a holding company that owns and operates two subsidiaries engaged in the IoT and wearable technology business. As the First Wearable Technology Company We Put the "Where" in Wearable Tech We were founded on a Big Idea with a simple premise to know at the touch of a button where someone or something dear and important to us is. Every day we ask this question where are you? Its in our DNA to ask where is we ask this question because we are all hardwired to want to know where someone or something of value is. We ask where is my mother with Alzheimers, my teenager with autism, my wife, my child, my sales reps, my bike, my rifle, my drone? At GTX Corp, we keep you connected to who and what matters most with a suite of GPS tracking location-based services. Our Internet of Things (IoT) Personal Location Services (PLS) platform provides solutions ranging from smart, wearable GPS technology, 2-way GPS tracking devices and mobile smartphone tracking apps. Each of our patented tracking methods provide continuous, real-time location coordinates rendered on a map on our customized portal. Whether you are looking for an app to track your teenager, a GPS SmartSole think Dr. Scholls meets LoJack to track a wandering loved one, or a custom tracking system, our proprietary global IoT Machine to Machine (M2M) monitoring platform of hardware, software and connectivity is your one-stop shop for knowing where is.


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