Reboot Vancouver is a social purpose enterprise, active in the field of refurbishing, repair, and redistribution of redundant or discarded computers. Reboot visions that all discarded and unused computers will eventually go through a rigorous process that will assure each computer system will first be screened to see if it can be repaired and reused by another person. If it cannot be redeployed in working condition then it will be dismantled and the parts will be separated and re streamed to be reused in an industrial process that continues to support the idea that nothing ends up in the landfill. Reboot provides services in two main categories of redistribution and recycling. Redistribution of used computer systems has been an under used option in the E-waste recycling chain. The first action with all of the systems it handles is to assess the computer systems redistribution value. If the system is a duo core CPU type computer or better and is reusable and/or repairable, an operating system and basic applications are loaded and the computer is sold at low cost. Target markets are low income individuals and families, social service agencies, and small businesses which would not ordinarily be able to afford a new system. If the computer system is an earlier model it will be recycled to ensure none of the component pieces end up in the landfill.


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