After My Deal uses the sales results of a daily deal and converts the deal into actionable target marketing recommendations for both online advertising and direct mail. We study each buyer of your daily deal After My Deal works with your daily deal provider and acquires the street address of each buyer that purchased your daily deal. The residential location of each buyer is mapped and studied to gain further insight into the demographics and purchasing preferences of each buyer. A listing of neighbourhoods is created to be analyzed at the local, state/provincial or national scale. We determine what they have in common After My Deal compares each of the selected buyer neighbourhoods and determines what each neighbourhood has in common. Commonalities such as income, age, ethnicity, and family size are studied to create an accurate profile of your daily deal buyer. To do this After My Deal processes millions of records of information to determine what other neighborhoods have the greatest potential to have more customers to purchase your product or service. We guide you to your new customers After My Deal identifies each high opportunity neighbourhood in your local, state/province, or national region and provides a detailed guide on how to apply these recommendations to your marketing online and with direct mail. The After My Deal ad targeting tool can be used with Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Center, facebook, LinkedIn, Canada Post and the United States Postal Service.

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