Currently the online auction and classifieds marketplace is dominated by a few sites that are both poorly designed with regards to regionality and ease of use. Ezead quite simply addresses all the issues that these sites put forth. Ezead is purposedly designed and built to eliminate these concerns and is centered around being a true fraud free online trading community offering not only every city in the world its own site, but every neighbourhood in every city. It offers simple and easy local, regional as well as global browsing and a posting format that allows for images, videos, PDF and word files uploads from a simple single page interface. The Ezead business model goes far beyond just a website and includes franchised auction houses, internet cafes in Industrial areas and a real time consignment auction concept with a cross docking, shipping and receiving facilty. There is not enough space to fully go into detail so please contact me for full details of unlimited potential. Technology The site is built to offer every city in the world their own site and taking it one step further every neighbour hood in every city will be offered. It also has a Google Map Api(work in progress) that will allow searching by maps and offering every category we offer to fine tune the searches. There really is too much offered and being offered by work in progress that it is impossible to get into detail in 2000 letters Please contact me to get a full understanding of work in progress and future plans. The site and Ezead Media Group will be based out of a very cool Heritage Home In Maple Ridge which already has dedicated 12 pair fibre optic line installed and which is less than 1000 meters to Telus's major fibre optic switching station which offers both North South and East West Fibre Trunk connection - with a fibe line running underground to that facility.


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