Live Current Media Inc. (Live Current) is an Internet commerce and media company. Live Current is engaged in the business of developing and commercializing its portfolio of domain names into consumer-facing destinations which generate traffic which Live Current attributes to, among other things, their generic descriptive nature of a product or services category. Live Current has headquarters in Vancouver, Canada with a location in Seattle, WA and is publicly traded on the NASD OTCBB (CMNN). In March 2008, Live Current Media Inc. changed its name from, Inc. In November 2007, the company announced that it has acquired all of the tangible and intangible assets associated or used in connection with the operations of Inc. (FT), including the full use of the domain names,,,,, and has also terminated its domain name lease agreement with FT that granted FT the travel sales and marketing rights for Communicate's online country and destination URLs. Communicate returned its 50.4% ownership interest in FT to FT, and hence it no longer holds any ownership interest in FT.

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