Search For Activities Near You Drop In is the intuitive answer to the question "are there any pick-up games near me?" Filtering and finding the sports that matter to you gets your blood pumping faster than group texts or scrolling Facebook's irrelevant ads. Get playing with those near you faster, smarter, easier. Quickly Create Sports and Fitness Events Stop with those awkward group text messages. Get your pick-up game on the map for anyone nearby to Drop In on the action. Have a fitness activity that would be better with more? Have others keep you accountable to get on that 3 mile run by creating an event. You'd better get those kicks laced up now...others are counting on you! Don't Miss The Details With Drop In Event Messages Use the events message board for anything from making sure there is an extra ball on hand to letting everyone know you're bringing your a-game...and they should too! Use Your Profile to Share Your Skills Don't just play the game, show your game with the Drop In profile. Forget "share on Facebook", with Drop In you show it on the field or court. Meet New People; Grow Your Team Finding a running buddy or a great teammate is tough. Using Drop In you can meet new people, grow your network of fellow enthusiasts, and make new friends.


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