iComply Investor Services Inc. (iComply) is a regulatory technology company focused on using blockchain and artificial intelligence to build a better capital market with robust, secure, and immutable record keeping, reporting, and transaction monitoring. The technology also interacts beyond blockchain and can be used by traditional and decentralized companies alike. iComply has released two products, both adding critical pieces of compliance infrastructure: iComplyICO and iComplyKYC. iComplyICO uses iComplys proprietary PrefactoTM technology which enables compliance and governance in the secondary trading of open and public blockchains and is technology agnosticmeaning that new blockchains, mesh networks, or centralized trading systems can be integrated securely. iComplyKYC is an industry leading KYC, AML, risk solution for decentralized finance and cryptocurrency applications. An integrated ecosystem, iComplys technology enables an efficient workflow and record keeping between investors, regulators, securities issuers, and capital markets service providers. Learn more: iComplyICO.com


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