Fraser River Rugged makes specialized test and data acquisition equipment for our OEM and distribution partners. We can take an external DAQ (Data Acquisition) device (or 2 or 3) and combine them with our unique platform to create a rugged, mobile, All-in-One (AiO) solution. We work in niches inside niches. We researched the best testing platforms in the market finding most cumbersome fragile and hard to use! So we designed, built and tested Fraser Rivers All-in-One instrument platform for field testing and monitoring applications. Whether youre measuring water quality in a reservoir, machine vibration in a repair shop, or solar farm output in the field, your test equipment has to perform. Taking your test equipment requirements as a starting point our platform is designed to give you that performance, adding additional services and features to take a great design possibility and turn it into your exceptional product reality. If you make (or sell) any type of instrumentation box, and have customers who would like a version to take out of the lab and into the field, then we have your solution. Delivered quickly, and at modest cost. Our commitment is to your customers success! Fraser River Rugged - Computers and Technology for your next test equipment project. Whatever your measurement and/or monitoring needs - Check out Fraser River Rugged Computers and technology Inc for your next move! Fraser River Rugged Computers and Technology Inc employs the best and brightest engineers to ensure your products contain the value added benefits you need to wow your customer base, provide exceptional service and value for money.

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