We eat, sleep and breathe personal support networks. Its what we do. Were experts at talking to people and their support networks and in making trusted organizations part of the conversation. Our Values Tyze is a social venture. Achieving our social mission is inseparable from meeting our business objectives. Everything we do must provide both enduring social value and a reasonable financial return. Relationships are our most valuable asset. When we care for one another, everyone benefits. Technology can support caring relationships and promote love, health and healing in our world. Our success depends upon continuous learning and innovation, our passion, and our comfort with ambiguity and risk. Sharing defines the relationships we create with one another. We are open to giving and receiving information, knowledge, food and wine, stories, challenges, sorrows and joys. Each of us, no matter what challenge we face, has a contribution to make. When we contribute, we belong. Hospitality and honesty create an environment that allows us to grow. Our warmth and openness ground us in our humanity.


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