We develop advanced, award winning Telemedicine Solutions. Our solutions have a positive social impact, by allowing better health care access to remote locations, and by lowering the costs of healthcare to patients and health care authorities. Microsoft Corp. awarded us their "Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship Partner of the Year"? latinamerica in 2013. Our technology (pat. pending) has a clear competitive advantage as it integrates all the elements needed to perform a distance consultation in one friendly/easy to use application. Using touchscreens, we have videoconferencing, peripheral medical equipment simultaneously connected in a "live"? fashion, the patient's medical record and an advanced scheduling system, all together in order to offer a great experience for the patient and a GP/nurse in one location, and a Specialist in a Hospital. Net eMedical/Lumed Canada has been advancing rapidly in terms of technology validation of our Telemedicine Solutions with local Canadian Health authorities. A successful pilot project in British Columbia (2014 - 2015) is propelling our Technology into the market, by demonstrating the benefits that a portable Telemedicine solution can have on both patient outcomes as well as in reducing the costs for both the patients and the different Health Authorities. We have been selected (May 2015) as the "Technology Partner"? of a BC Health Authority, as part of their "Health Care Innovation Community"? pursuing a national grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, to be awarded later in the year in 2015. We will strive to bring our technology to help solving the specific problems described by the authority, and further develop our solution to fill the current gaps.


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