1.3B employees are working on virtual teams. This will increase another 21% in 2016. However, a massive gap exists between management expectations and virtual team effectiveness. Unsurprisingly, 19/20 executives have had difficulty in managing virtual teams. Worse, 65% of companies provide no training at all! Companies often just throw together remotely located employees. These virtual strangers are expected to perform as peak teams. Essential rapport and trust are never developed. Its a vicious cycle. Experts agree virtual teaming and leadership is more difficult than the traditional mode. Specialized training is called for. Higher empathy and related softer skills are called for. This has immense costs vis--vis lost productivity, missed innovation opportunities, and decreased morale. This growing problem is compounded by a very limited choice of relevant online training resources. Prelude provides a safe, fast way to practice project management skills like professional sports teams and orchestras do before a big event. It integrates twenty virtual team best practices in one elegant solution including a unique blend of proprietary psychometrics and creative process. Prelude Virtual 2.0 evolved from the blended-learning game version, which has been used successfully internationally in both education and professional development. In 2012, the Software Information Industry Association [SIIA] selected Prelude as one of the years most relevant and innovative education tech products. Preludes design is the result of several years of research and development. Its universal application is due to its underlying holistic philosophy and psychology.


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