Blackcomb Design Automation Inc. is developing solutions for improving the repairability of integrated circuits by embedding repairability into IC designs. As the EDA industry's first 'Design-for-Repair' (DFR) tool, Blackcomb's Design-for-ECO (DECO) suite of tools can significantly reduce the number and complexity of manufacturing revisions by systematically determining the optimal type and placement of spare resources in existing IC designs. DECO's advanced features include the ability to insert spare routing structures into an IC thus further reducing the number of masks affected by each revision. DECO can significantly lower IC mask costs while accelerating project schedules, and is therefore an attractive offering both in terms of managing project costs and schedules. These benefits translate directly to increased ROI and greater market share for our customers by addressing some of the most critical issues affecting the semiconductor industry today, namely the rising cost of fabrication and the increased time-to-market pressure.

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