The VohCom Page system was born out of necessity to meet the needs of Vohora & Company Chartered Accountants. Our journey began when Praveen Vohora, CA and owner of Vohora & Company and John Whitmore, MCSE MCDBA CompTIA A+, sat down over coffee to discuss the status of the software and technology infrastructure of Vohora & Company. This was in fact a job interview; Vohora & Company required a new Systems Administrator, and John was looking for a position that would be a good stepping stone. Well, here we both are today and we have both received much more than we ever could have imagined back in May of 2001. The VohCom Page Dynamic Workflow engine has been handling real world situations since July 2003; without any reason to change it. We have added many features and continue to add value. The VohCom Page System is a true platform there is no end point in sight. As exciting as Page is; there are some even more exciting plans for its ongoing development.


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