14 Oranges Software is not your average company. In 2009, we came together in Vancouver, B.C., with grand plans to design and develop mobile apps, but we decided to run our business a bit differently. And we havent looked back. Founded as a group of experts from various disciplinesmanagers, engineers, developers, designers, and graphic artistswe operate 14 Oranges as a highly distributed company with a flexible and nimble approach to web and mobile app development. We offer full end-to-end solutions, including web, back-end, and app interface design, to companies of all sizes: from small businesses to large enterprises. As mobile app development moves toward web and hybrid applications, weve kept up the pace by expanding our services. The acquisition of website development and hosting company Delta Business Services gives us the ability to provide full end-to-end solutions, including feasibility studies, architecture, design, development, and quality assurance. Were a young company but our combined experience speaks for itself. Weve celebrated 25 birthdays, 6 fireworks festivals, and 20 Apple product launches, which makes us sound much older than we are. That level of expertise in software development for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone platforms means every project is a new opportunity to delight our customers. We believe in transparency and quality so we do all the development work locally so our clients can follow the progress at any point along the way. Relationships matter, and regular face-to-face meetings are important to us. We are a collaborative group and are immensely proud of the quality of our work. Its how we do business.


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