What is TECNABase?

TECNABase is a tool to aggregate, normalize, and upkeep datasets relating to companies, people, and investors in the North American technology industry, and to provide the integrated dataset as a resource of the technology community to connect and collaborate.

With the integrated datasets, TECNABase also provides North American technology councils with improved reporting, data analytics insights for events, advocacy, talent programs, etc. and value-added bundle with customizable reports and advanced analytics to tech council members.

Value For Tech Councils

Data Integration

There is an abundance of datasets about companies, people, and investors, but these datasets are often fragmented, conflicted, outdated, or stored in different formats. TECNABase provides an online tool to help aggregate, normalize, and update the datasets into an integrated dataset.

Value-Added Offer for Council Members

TECNABase is a resource for the technology communities to discover companies, people, and investors to connect and collaborate. It can also be packaged as a value-added bundle for tech council members with advanced data analytics, customizable reports, and data export.

Data Insights & Cross Region Benchmarking

With the integrated dataset, TECNABase improves reporting, provides hyper targeting insights for events, advocacy, member experience, etc. and provides the analytics to track the progress of companies, attract talent, and benchmark growth.


Value For Tech Community

Find & Connect

TECNABase is a resource for the technology community to discover companies, people, and investors in the ecosystem. Use TECNABase to find connections and collaborate with other ecosystem players within your tech community.

Reports & Analytics

Use TECNABase to gain insights on the growth and current state in the different technology sectors, growth and progress of sub-sectors, trends relating to talent, and updates on acquisitions and financing.

Ecosystem Insights

Gain insights about technology sectors, sub-sectors, and growth patterns within or across tech ecosystems. Use TECNABase to provide business intelligence and economic data to help attract global capital and talent for member technology companies.

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