Leveraging on the experience and success of BCTechBase, the TECNABase platform provides a comprehensive listing of companies, people, and investors in the North American technology industry and data insights to determine trends and patterns in the technology community.

Data Integration – Aggregate, curate, and update dataset

TECNABase provides tools to import, aggregate, normalized, merge, and update the dataset on tech companies, people, and investors. Information can be edited and updated right on TECHNABase and then published after reviewed by data administrators. Information is continuously updated to ensure that the information is reflective of the state of the tech ecosystem.

Dashboard & Reports – Analyze reports, gain insights, understand the current trends and patterns

The dashboard provides categories such as fastest growing tech companies in the region, top tech companies in the region, recent financings and acquisitions, average company size, and average employee growth that can provide insights to tech councils on the tech sector and current trends and patterns. The dashboard also provides a list of informative reports on the tech sector. There are premium reports that are for premium members which are more comprehensive and provide greater details and analysis of the tech companies in the region.

Directory Search  – Search for companies, people, mentors, and investors

The directory provides a list of companies, people, mentors, and investors in the tech industry and view their profiles to discover and connect with others. You can apply search filters for a more specific and accurate finding of your interest and export the data for analysis.

Premium Access – Value-added bundle, enhanced experience, connect and build relationships

Anyone can become a premium member. Premium members will have premium access to our value-added bundle which includes advanced search, customizable reports, and configurable data export. This bundle will enhance the experience for tech council members, gain valuable insights, and strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the tech industry.